Tepache Switchel

Made with Hiatus Añejo

2 oz Hiatus Tequila Añejo
2 oz Tepache
Start by making the Tepache. (It can take up to 4 days depending on temperature and humidity.) Take 1 pineapple and remove the crown. Then manually crush/cut or use a food processor to grind the pineapple to shreds, skin and all. Add this to a large container or earthen jar. To this add 4 cups of brown sugar and 2 quarts of water. The whole mixture will take up approximately 4 quarts worth of space. Let sit with a clean cloth on top for 4 days to ferment. You will know it is done when it smells like a lightly sweet vinegar. Add Tequila, Tepache , and a few sprigs of basil to a shaker tin. Top off with ice, shake for 10-15 seconds. Strain into your pre-iced glass. Finish the drink by garnishing with a few sprigs of pineapple frond.

Photography by Gabi Porter  

I am of legal drinking age

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