Michael Chandler

After five gratifying years of building our brand one bottle at a time, Hiatus Tequila is excited to announce that we have partnered with Michael Chandler, American Mixed Martial Artist. Together, we are redefining what a celebrity partnership can look like in the spirits industry. Our mission is to change the narrative by emphasizing authenticity, cultural respect, and uncompromised quality. Michael isn’t merely endorsing Hiatus Tequila; he’s invested in the brand because of our longstanding commitment to crafting tequila the traditional way, the way it was intended to be, with purity, integrity, and honesty.

Our Founder, Kristopher DeSoto’s personal hiatus is his passion for crafting authentic tequila.

“This partnership with Michael is a genuine brotherhood. Hard-working individuals joining forces to bring awareness, education, and respect for tequila culture. This is not simply a business partnership, but rather a comprehensive movement in which we hope to elevate the narrative surrounding celebrity collaboration. We are two visionaries driven by a profound respect for the heritage of tequila, with the goal of leaving behind a legacy defined by authenticity, integrity, and honesty in all that we do. – Kristopher DeSoto

founder of hiatus tequila kris desoto

Michael’s journey to success has been paved with hard work and an unyielding dedication to his career as a Mixed Martial Artist for the past 15 years. Michael was introduced to Hiatus Tequila organically, through mutual friends.

“My love for tequila runs deep. I’ve always enjoyed spending free time with friends and family while sipping on tequila. I wanted to have my own brand and once I found Hiatus, it was a no-brainer for me. Their commitment to purity, quality, and excellence is unmatched.” – Michael Chandler

Michael Chandler

Michael and Kristopher envision not simply a business partnership, but rather a comprehensive movement that elevates the narrative surrounding celebrity collaborations. A story of two visionaries coming together, driven by a shared commitment of unparalleled excellence and a profound respect for the heritage of tequila.

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