If you’re like us, you love tequila. But so much of it is mass produced and watered down . We wanted to make real tequila.

We set out to find a family-owned distillery in the place that gave tequila its name. In the town of Tequila, in Jalisco, Mexico, we found a family that makes award-winning tequila—traditionally, transparently, and passionately. Together we crafted something unique, while staying true to how real tequila should taste. Hiatus Tequila is naturally clean yet complex, ideal for sipping neat, but also shines in a cocktail. Just as we were inspired to make our dream of this tequila come true, we hope you’ll be inspired to take a break, seek balance, and pursue what matters most.

Go on hiatus from the everyday. You deserve it.




We are a passionate group of like-minded individuals driven by the pursuit of a more pure and elevated way of life.

Our founder lives by the mantra carpe diem. Between his passion in experiencing life beyond his borders and a career in helicopter sales and marketing, he was fortunate to travel the world, visiting more than 50 countries and even scaling Mount Kilimanjaro. Raised in Texas, he was introduced to tequila early on and, since then, has traveled throughout Mexico and spent over 7 years living there. In that time, he noticed that tequilas south of the border were often different from those found on U.S. shelves, the flavors and aromas more robust and expressive. He decided that such a tequila—true tequila—should be available in the United States. His vision for a traditional, honest tequila crafted from the finest ingredients is several years in the making.



La Cofradía, which means ‘the brotherhood,’ has been making award-winning tequila for more than 50 years. Using traditional methods combined with modern technology, the distillery produces authentic, artisanal tequila, while minimizing its environmental impact. Located on the outskirts of the town of Tequila, La Cofradía sits on the edge of an extinct volcano whose porous foundation acts as a natural filter for the spring water used to make Hiatus. The grounds teem with blue agave plants, decades-old mango trees, native cactus, and desert flowers. The family, third-generation tequila makers, see themselves as guardians of the spirit’s tradition. In the years since we’ve started collaborating with them, we’ve come to see them that way, too.


Our Philosophy

 There’s a lot of mystery surrounding tequila. It’s made from a plant the ancient Aztecs deemed sacred and the spirit itself is centuries old. We believe that’s where the mystery should end. We set out to create a tequila with full transparency.

We want you to know the place it comes from, the people who make it, and the way it’s produced. It’s a true ground-to-glass story: it takes up to 8 years for the agave in the field to reach your glass. We do everything we can to ensure that the spirit in the bottle is a true expression of what tequila should be. The flavors and aromas are untampered with, unadulterated. Nothing added, nothing taken away.


I am of legal drinking age

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